Jeevan Kumar Gurung, the Executive Director of Platinum College in Dillibazar, Kathmandu, has been apprehended by Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) in connection to 14 Kg gold smuggling case from Samakhusi.

According to CIB sources, Gurung had been evading authorities since the issuance of an arrest warrant and was apprehended following coordination with the TIA customs office.

Investigations reveal a network involved in the illicit operation, with Gurung allegedly orchestrating the smuggling scheme.

It is suspected that he enlisted the help of individuals from Gorkha and Lamjung to facilitate the transportation of gold from Dubai to Nepal, with intentions to further transport it to Delhi.

The Customs Department had earlier detained Chandra Ghale of Gorkha along with 14 kilograms of gold on December 7. The gold was seized upon his arrival on a Fly Dubai flight (FZ-573) departing from Kathmandu at 11:40 pm.