Private schools across the country have asked guardians to clear their children’s last year’s fees despite schools remaining closed since March 24 after the government enforced national lockdown.

Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation Nepal (PABSON) and National – Private and Boarding Schools’ Association Nepal (N-PABSON) issued a joint statement yesterday to make such request.

Both the organizations stated that the lockdown had made it difficult for private schools to sustain.

The government had earlier directed private schools not to collect fees from guardians during the lockdown period.

PABSON and N-PABSON stated that private schools were having a hard time paying salaries to their staffers as they are unable to collect fees.

“There are above 200,000 teachers and staffers employed at around 7,000 private schools. A majority of the operators have been unable to pay the rent of the school buildings, and they have been served notices by the landlords to either vacate the property or pay the rents,” the statement read.

The statement also read that some schools had taken bank loans to operate but are now struggling to clear their bank dues.

The organisations also pointed out the government’s failure in announcing any relief package for private educational institutions in the face of uncertainty.