The Dhanusha District Court, on Friday, sentenced two people to life in prison and one for 12.5 years in jail who were convicted of murdering Dilip Mahato.

On January 10, 2020, Mahato, who was an environmental activist from Mithila-5, Dhanusha, was murdered brutally for protesting against the illegal extraction of river materials from the Aurahi river.

The district court today convicted the owner of Churiya Mai Crusher Industry, Bipin Mahato and his aide Jitendra Mahato and Munindra Mahato for murdering Dilip by stabbing him with a pointed iron lever and then crushing him to death with a truck.

While Bipin and Munindra were sentenced to life in prison, as they were proven to be the main culprits, Jitendra will be serving 12.5 years in prison for being an accomplice.

Similarly, Bipin and Munindra will each have to provide Rs 500,000 in compensation to the family of the deceased and Jitendra will have to provide Rs 250,000 as compensation.