Three individuals in Soru Rural Municipality-6, Purumuru, Mugu, have succumbed to outbreak of viral fever.

The victims were all residents of Purumuru.

Locals report that the epidemic has swept through Purumuru, Jima, Bhie, Natharpu, Khwalcha, and surrounding villages, leaving a trail of illness and despair.

The district hospital is facing an influx of patients exhibiting symptoms such as frequent sweating, headache, muscle pain, loss of appetite, and weakness.

The affected communities claim to be receiving little to no assistance from the local government.

Karnajit Bumi expressed the lack of treatment facilities, citing the unavailability of even basic medications like paracetamol at the health post.

The District Health Office mobilized a team of doctors for health examinations on Tuesday. Over 150 individuals from Soru Rural Municipality, including Purumuru and Jima villages, underwent assessments.

Dr. Kamal Dhungana from the district hospital acknowledged the surge in patients, attributing it to the cold weather.