One person has been arrested, and two are on the run after mercilessly punching a cyclist in Biratnagar on 5th July, 2023.

Around 8:30 PM on Wednesday, 5th July, 2023, a car is seen coming to a stop while two cycles coming from the opposite side pass the car. The front seat passenger then gets off the car, and lands a blow on the unaware cyclist. The cyclist is knocked unconscious, when another passenger gets off the car to assist the attacker. The duo then throw the cycle away, drag the cyclist who has been identified as 27 year old Pawan Sah of Biratnagar Metropolitan City.

Police have arrested 18 year old Ayush Bhetwal, the person who landed the punch, whereas the other two, who have been identified as 18 year old Kushal Bhetwal and 30 year old Roshan Karki are on the run. Ayush Bhetwal is being charged for attempted murder, and will be presented before a judge after further investigation.

A copy of the video has been made public by Online Khabar and can be viewed here.