After the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, China has shut down the Olangchung Gola border in Taplejung saying the virus could spread across the border to the neighboring countries.

Ward chair of the Faktanglung rural municipality-7 in Olangchung Gola, Chheten Sherpa informed that the people in Riu administration in Tibet, China have been barred from crossing the border for some time since January 30.

After the Chinese workers deployed for road construction returned, Rui administration requested to close the border and not let anyone cross the border in order to ensure the local’s safety.

Ward Chair Sherpa said, “Riu administration requested to stop people from crossing the border since traveling to China might bring the coronavirus to Nepal as well. We are supporting the administration and asking people not to cross the border.”

Sherpa, who is also a spokesperson for the village, said they’d have no problem if the border is closed for a couple of months, but if it remains closed for longer, especially during rainy season, it could be an issue.

During rainy season, residents of Yangma, Thudam, Olangchungola and Tokpegala rely on the Chinese market across the border for daily consumption goods since they won’t be able to reach the Fungling headquarter.