The Occupy Tundikhel Campaign has raised objections to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City’s (KMC) proposed plan to construct two football fields in Tundikhel.

The campaign issued a statement, expressing concerns about the cultural, historical, and natural significance of the location, and that the football fields, slated to be built in Khula Manch, are deemed inappropriate given the area’s historical importance. The Occupy Tundikhel Campaign contends that the open space serves as a historical meeting ground.

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City had already formulated a Detailed Project Report (DPR) outlining the construction of the football fields. However, the campaign argues that the proposed development could compromise the versatility of Tundikhel, limiting its compatibility with various activities.

Previously, a proposal to build an underground parking lot in the same place was met with widespread protests, leading to its temporary withdrawal.