While new cases of COVID-19 are increasing in neighboring countries and fear of a new COVID wave is emerging among people, the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) has assured that the new variant of coronavirus has not been detected in Nepal yet.

Joint spokesperson for MoHP, Dr Samir Kumar Adhikari issued a press statement informing they conducted gene sequencing of the samples collected from COVID-19 infected patients in different parts of the country.

However, they did not find the new variant – BF.7, causing new outbreaks in other countries, during the tests.

All the 48 samples tested at National Public Health Laboratory came out positive for the previous omicron variant.

In the wake of the widespread of the new variant of coronavirus in some countries, the ministry said it would increase vigilance and coordinate with the concerned countries to take necessary precautions at all border points.

The ministry, however, has urged all to be aware and informed about the spread of the new variant of coronavirus as there is potential a risk of an outbreak given that nearby countries are seeing an increase in cases owing to the new variant.

“We would like to request everyone to use masks, maintain physical distance and wash one’s hands with soap and water in view of the spread of the new variant of coronavirus in other countries,” the release reads.

On Thursday, Nepal registered one new COVID-19 case and 4 recoveries, with the total number of infected patients standing at 15.