Nepal’s Global Hunger Index (GHI) ranking has shown improvement, moving from 81st to 69th, according to the latest GHI 2023 report by Concern Worldwide and Welt Hunger Hilfe.

With a GHI score of 15.0, the country has made substantial progress in addressing moderate hunger. GHI values reveal a consistent decline over the past decade in Nepal: 37.2 (2000), 29.0 (2008), 21.3 (2015), 15.0 (2023).

The GHI rates countries on a scale of 0 to 100, with lower scores indicating less hunger. This year’s global GHI score of 18.3 is considered moderate, with South Asia and Africa South of the Sahara facing the highest hunger levels.

The report highlights four crucial indicators affecting GHI scores: child stunting, child wasting, undernourishment, and child mortality.

Dr. Thomas Prinz, Ambassador of Germany to Nepal, stated that while Nepal is a positive example of progress, the nation is vulnerable to climate change with its dependence on agriculture.

During a recent panel discussion, concerns were raised about data accuracy, with lawmaker Sumana Shrestha pointing out potential discrepancies between government data and on-the-ground observations of malnourishment cases.