It was revealed in a recent press briefing by Nepal Police that an average of seven individuals lose their lives daily due to traffic accidents, with 65 accidents occurring each day.

There are approximately 77,302.68 km of roads and over 6 million registered vehicles. With only 2,770 traffic police officers, each officer is responsible for overseeing an average of 2,252 vehicles.

Moreover, Central Police Spokesperson Bhim Prasad Dhakal disclosed that the police have taken action against a total of 2,431,593 individuals for various offenses.

Shifting focus to crime rates, the briefing revealed that from March 24, 2023, to March 13, 2024, 59,061 cases were registered, with Kathmandu Valley accounting for the highest number of 17,397 cases.

13,277 cases of banking offenses and 21,197 incidents related to women and children were registered, with a significant portion being complaints of domestic violence.

The police reported 7,194 cases of suicide, with Koshi Province recording the highest at 1,530 incidents.

5,150 serious crimes, including kidnapping, extortion, forced labor, human trafficking, and rape, were registered.

4,284 cases related to drugs were registered, resulting in the arrest of 6,508 individuals. Lastly, 212 electronic crimes, cybercrimes, and irregularities in cooperatives were reported, with the police making arrests and pursuing absconding defendants.