Gender-Based Violence (GBV) continues to be a critical issue in Nepal. According to Nepal Monitor, within the past month, among a total of 164 recorded incidents reported, 78 incidents were related to Gender-Based Violence.

Out of the 78 incidents, 17 resulted in a fatality. Furthermore, among the 17 deaths, 16 of them were women. 55 incidents out of 78 were sexual assaults of which 49 resulted in rape. Among this, all of the victims were women. 14 incidents of domestic abuse were also recorded.

Province 2 stood out as the province with the highest number of cases. 23 of the 78 GBV incidents occurred in this province alone. Province 1 had 13 cases, while Lumbini Province had 10. Similarly, Bagmati and Gandaki Provinces saw 10 and 8 each. The remaining Karnali and Sudurpaschim Provinces had 3 cases each.

Gender-Based Violence is any form of violence directed against an individual or a group based on their gender identity. It encompasses acts that inflict physical, sexual, psychological, or economic harm on a person due to traditional norms, stereotypes, and power imbalances between genders.

GBV can manifest in various settings, including households, workplaces, educational institutions, and public spaces. It affects both women and men, although women and girls tend to be disproportionately affected, as evidenced by the past month’s data.

The prevalence of Gender-Based Violence in Nepal, as indicated by the data from Nepal Monitor, remains a matter of grave concern.