In the first four months of this fiscal year, Nepal’s electricity exports to India surpassed expectations, totaling over 1.361 billion units and generating revenue of Rs 12.50 billion.

This marks an increase of Rs 4.86 billion compared to last year, despite a decrease in the quantity of exported electricity.

According to the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), electricity was sold at an average rate of Rs 9.18 per unit this year, a significant increase from Rs 7.76 per unit last year.

NEA’s strategic move in June to export surplus electricity contributed Rs 14.50 billion in revenue over five months, with the highest monthly export reaching Rs 4.17 billion. The increased export capacity from 452 MW to 632 MW since September indicates Nepal’s growth in the energy market.

Nepal aims to achieve 15,000 MW by 2030, with plans to produce an additional 28,000 MW by 2035, emphasizing the crucial role of hydroelectricity, as per Shakti Bahadur Basnet, the Minister for Energy, Water Resources, and Irrigation.