For Laxmi Puja, Nepal recorded a peak demand for electricity, reaching 1,438 megawatts, a notable increase of 133 megawatts from the previous year’s Laxmi Puja day. Last year, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) marked the peak demand at 1,305 MW on Laxmi Puja Sunday at 6 PM (2022).

NEA had projected the peak demand to reach 1,357 MW this year but efficiently managed electricity supply accordingly.

Additionally, during Laxmi Puja in Nepal, electricity export to India peaked at 517 MW, up from 406 MW the previous year. Total system demand, including export, reached 1,955 MW, a significant rise from 1,711 MW the year before. In Kathmandu Valley, peak demand increased to 366 MW, a 10% rise.

Kulman Ghising, NEA’s Managing Director, highlighted the strides in the energy sector, recalling that seven years ago, Nepal imported 254 megawatts to meet the demand on Laxmi Puja day.