Nepal government has ended the nearly four months long (120 days) national lockdown effect from midnight Tuesday.

Informing about the decisions made by the Cabinet on Monday, Minister of Communications Dr Yubaraj Khatiwada informed about the government bringing the lockdown to an end stating that the very concept had mentally affected the public.

Some restrictions, however, will still be in place.

Hotels and restaurants can resume full-fledged business from July 30 whereas domestic and international flights will resume from August 17.

Similarly, inter-district transport can be resumed from August 17.

Admissions and examinations at schools and colleges can be conducted from August 17, but education institutions cannot be opened for regular activities.

Cinema halls, protests, public gatherings, conferences, dance bars and other entertainment businesses, salons, beauty parlors, gyms, health clubs, sports matches, religious places, libraries, museums and zoo will remain closed for the time being, Khatiwada informed.

Nepal so far has reported 17,994 Covid-19 cases with 40 deaths. According to the Health Ministry, so far 12,477, or 69.34 percent of the total infected individuals, have recovered from the disease.