Over 4 million children are currently estimated to be impacted and in urgent need of life-saving support, with many millions more at risk, UNICEF has said.

Weeks of torrential monsoon rains, widespread flooding and deadly landslides in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal have affected millions of children and families.

“Even for a region that is all-too-familiar with the devastating impact of extreme weather, the recent heavy monsoon rains, rising floods and continued landslides are creating a perfect storm for children and families affected,” said Jean Gough, UNICEF Regional Director for South Asia.

“The COVID-19 pandemic and containment and prevention measures add an additional complication to the mix, as COVID-19 cases are accelerating in some of the affected areas,” she added.

In Nepal, heavy monsoon rainfall has caused flooding and landslides across different parts of the country, impacting more than 20 districts, since 9 July. More than 100 people have died, 48 are missing and feared dead while 87 are injured.

More than 10,000 people – half of them children – have been affected with an estimated 7,500 displaced from their homes. This same period has also seen a significant number of COVID-19 positive cases in Nepal.

Over 700 people have died and dozens are missing in across the four countries, with continuing reports of children drowning.