Nepal Police has arrested two people on the charge of selling expired cosmetic items by putting new dates on the products.

The Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office had raided warehouses situated at Sanobharyang-15 and Bhotebahal-22 of Kathmandu on Sunday.

Expired cosmetic items including body spray, air freshener, shampoo and car wash were found in the warehouses where employees were replacing the products’ expired dates with new dates before sending them to the market to be sold.

Police arrested two men for their involvement in the fraud.

Pangeni added that police recovered items worth Rs 20 million from the warehouses. He said an investigation was underway into where the goods were being sent.

He informed that the warehouses have been sealed in coordination with the Department of Commerce, Supplies and Consumer Protection, Nepal (DoCSCP).

Those arrested have been transferred to the DoCSCP for further action.

“It has been found that new date stickers were being affixed on expired goods. We have recovered a large number of such stickers,” Khapung said

According to him, items with the logos of popular stores such as Bhatbhateni Supermarket and Big Mart were also found in the warehouses. We found that expired goods from Bhatbhateni and Big Mart were brought to the warehouses.