Minister for Water Supply Umakanta Chaudhary assured that water dispensation from the Melamchi Drinking Water Project would be resumed in the Kathmandu Valley by December 13 (Mangshir 27).

Minister Chaudhary made this statement in course of taking stock of the progress of the Melamchi project at the origin of Project Ambathan on Wednesday.

An action plan was made for the diversion of the water for a long-term, he informed.

On the occasion, he inspected gate number 1 of the tunnel, which was partially damaged in the flooding.

The gate was saved from heavy damage, thanks to a timely precaution. As a result, the water could be pumped into the tunnel so early, he observed.

Project site divisional engineer Padam Bahadur Kunwar shared that the project water would reach Kathmandu after 10 to 12 days of being released into the tunnel.

Secretary at the Ministry Maniram Gelal said work was undertaken with a target to resume the water supply to the Kathmandu Valley by December 13.

So far, over Rs 34 billion has been spent on the construction of the tunnel and other structures under this Project, he informed, adding that it requires additional Rs 310 million to prepare structures so as to ensure supplies in all seasons.