Demanding to regulate and manage marijuana farming, former law minister Sher Bahadur Tamang has registered a non-governmental/private bill at the parliament today.

Ever since the reestablishment of the parliament after the 2006/7 People’s Movement, this is the first time that a private bill has been registered.

Usually, the government prepares the bills and presents them at the parliament for discussion and approval. However, there is also a provision under which members of parliament can prepare a bill and register it at the parliament.

Making use of the same provision, Tamang has registered the bill after acquiring permission from the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs.

In the bill, Tamang has written that marijuana can be useful in producing various medicines while hemp can be used to manufacture clothes and other materials. He has also mentioned that the barks of a marijuana plant can be used to produce furniture.

Tamang has argued that the restriction on production, sale, distribution, and use of marijuana should be lifted keeping in mind its medicinal and economic values.

He also claimed that 70% of youths who are living abroad will return home if marijuana is legalized in the country.

Tamang has also highlighted the positive role of marijuana in maintaining green and clean environment as well as uplifting farmers’ living standard.

Here is a PDF file of the bill.