31-year-old Jeevan Limbu of Belbari-4, Morang committed suicide in front of his villagers after killing his mother following a dispute on Thursday afternoon.

During a dispute at around 11:30 in the morning, Limbu had hit his mother Devi Maya in her head with a brick. She then collapsed due to the head injury and died on the spot.

After that, Limbu entered a neighbor’s kitchen and took a knife used to chop vegetables in the kitchen – with which he cut his neck.

Around six to eight people had gathered at the spot but the villagers could not stop him. Some were filming the incident to post it on social media. As seen in the video of the incident, two people tried to approach him but they were scared as he didn’t seem to be in full consciousness.

The villagers finally called the police who arrived about half an hour later and rushed Limbu to the Nobel Community Hospital in Belbari but he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Limbu was suffering from mental illness and was also a drug user. He had been living with his mother and used to fight with his mother often under the influence.

On Wednesday, police had arrested Limbu for trying to set fire to the bed of his house during a dispute with his mother. Local residents had informed the police about the incident. He was, however, released from custody the following day i.e. yesterday.

Limbu killed his mother and committed suicide in front of his neighbors.

According to Royal College of Psychiatrists, people with no history of mental illness are developing serious psychological problems for the first time as a result of the lockdown, amid growing stresses over isolation, job insecurity and relationship breakdown.

Mental health of people suffering from mental illness is more likely to deteriorate as they are forced to stay indoors during lockdown.

A total of 875 people have committed suicide during the lockdown period in Nepal according to police report.