The Metropolis Crime Division, Kathmandu on Monday arrested a man for spreading rumors related to COVID-19 through a YouTube channel.

Subash Subba Limbu has been arrested for claiming, in his videos, that the internal organs of those who die of COVID-19 were being harvested and trafficked.

Subba, who claims to be a natural healer, was arrested from his Lalitpur-based clinic called Antim Bikalpa Ayurved Clinic on the charge of spreading rumors, informed SSP Dipak Thapa.

Limbu in his recent YouTube video can be seen claiming that the organs of those people dying of COVID-19 infection are being harvested and sold in the market.

There is no evidence that proves Limbu’s claims while his statements contributed in spreading conspiracy theories in the society, police said.

The Metropolis Crime Division is preparing to investigate the case.

Earlier, taking to various social media platforms, Limbu had also claimed to have developed a COVID-19 vaccine.