The Valley Investigation Office in Kathmandu apprehended Bikash Tamang (32) for duping more than 600 foreign job aspirants.

Tamang from Kanjosom rural municipality-4 of Lalitpur, allegedly defrauded victims of millions of rupees by enticing them with promises of lucrative jobs abroad.

Senior Superintendent of Police Somendra Singh Rathaur disclosed that Tamang had falsely assured individuals of employment opportunities in European countries including Malta, Poland, Croatia, and Canada.

The fraudulent activities date back to 2073 BS when Tamang worked as an agent for various human resource recruitment offices, including Ayus Manpower.

Initially involved in facilitating job placements in Dubai, Qatar, and Malaysia, Tamang went into hiding in 2077 BS after facing charges related to fraud and criminal gain.

Investigations unveiled that Tamang, operating under a fake identity, ran an educational consultancy at Balaju.

Government employees were also among those duped, with some even resigning from their positions in pursuit of promised employment opportunities in Europe.

Tamang defrauded numerous victims, with one person paying NPR 18 lakhs under the guise of facilitating travel to Canada. Similarly, others were deceived into paying NPR 8 lakhs for Malta, NPR 7 lakhs for Poland, and NPR 6.5 lakhs for Croatia.

(with inputs via RSS)