Nepal Police have arrested a man for blackmailing and torturing an underage girl via online social media platforms using private videos and threatening to post them on social networking sites.

A police team from the Cyber Bureau arrested 21-year-old Manish Bhujel, a resident of Pokhara, Kaski, on the charge of exploiting and abusing the minor.

According to the police, Bhujel showed various temptations and incited the minor victim to indulge in obscene conversations and video chats through Snapchat and Viber. The perpetrator recorded those chats and invited her to have physical relations with him.

After the victim refused the request, Bhujel threatened her that he would make the videos viral and even sent those messages to the victim’s family.

The Cyber Bureau conducted an investigation and arrested Bhujel from Pokhara with the help of the Kaski District Police Office.

Bhujel is charged with causing mental stress, harassment, humiliation, and character assassination.