Kathmandu Metropolitan City has shortlisted its final 50 applicants under its Kathmandu Metro Idea and Innovation (KMII) 2080 initiative. The 50 finalists will now present their ideas to potential investors.

First announced on 16th May, 2023, KMC had invited interested applicants to submit their unique plans and ideas under five major categories – (1) Community and Environment, (2) Municipal Administration and Efficiency, (3) Municipal Community Services, (4) Socioeconomic Fields, and (5) Urban Infrastructure.

A total of 786 (individuals and groups) applications were received, of which a 101 applicants were shortlisted. Of the 101 shortlisted, 32 were from the Community and Environment category, 7 from the Municipal Administration and Efficiency category, 23 from Community Services, 19 from Socioeconomic fields, and 20 from Urban Infrastructure.

The 101 applications were then invited by the City Planning Commission and were asked to make a five minute compelling presentation ahead of a jury. The presentation was followed by a Q & A  by the jury members, and a final 50 applicants were selected.

According the City Planning Commission, it will now publish the names of the final 50 applicants, and facilitate a program where it will aim to connect the ideas with potential investors.