After multiple failed attempts to resolve the issue of tangled and low-hanging cable wires, the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has taken the matter into its own hands and has started to remove such wires. In Putali Sadak, where most of such work has been completed, the street appears to have received a face-lift.

KMC has started to address the associated hazards and Mayor Balen (Balendra Shah) has requested support from the people in case of any short-term inconvenience caused during the process.

Earlier, the metropolis had provided a 15-day ultimatum to internet service providers, cable TV services and other stakeholders to manage the tangled wires.

In the notice, the KMC stated that the messy wires were not only a source of visual pollution, but also increased the risk of fire break-outs and accidents.

However, Nepal Telecom sought assistance from the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology to not remove the network and internet wires haphazardly citing disruption of services.

“In order to restore the wires cut by the local level, a large amount of cable has to be imported which takes more time and cost to provide the service,” read the letter.

After receiving the letter from the telecom, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration issued a circular to the local levels not to haphazardly cut the network wires in the name of urban beautification.

Meanwhile, Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) says the underground wire lines installation is undergoing in the capital city and all wire utility poles will be removed from Kathmandu after completion.

“More than 65% of the underground wiring work is complete and the remaining will also be completed within a year. The internet service providers will have to use fiber optical wires to join the underground lining system and the poles that carry overhead transmission cables will be removed too,” said NEA Spokesperson, Suresh Bhattarai.

However, KMC spokesperson Nabin Manandhar informed the NEA has laid its cables underground only along the main roads and there is still a problem of messy wires in the alleys and narrow roads.