Some parts of the country, including Kathmandu Valley, have witnessed light rainfall today after over six months.

Since 1991, winter rainfall has been the lowest this year as Nepal records average winter rainfall of 30 mm, however, this year only 11 mm of rainfall has been recorded with no rainfall in the Valley.

Owing to the lack of rainfall in the past six months, a thick layer of smog has surrounded the Valley which is common during winter.

Every winter, Nepalis, especially Kathmanduites, have to live through hazardous levels of air pollution and rainfall helps flush the pollutants out of the air.

According to the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, due to the general influence of westerly winds, Nepal will receive light rainfall for the next few days.

Meteorologists have said that lack of rainfall has led to an increment of temperature earlier than anticipated as summer officially enters Nepal on March 1.