Kantipur Television has cancelled popular television program “What the Flop” hosted by Sandip Chhetri.

Two weeks ago, on an episode with actor Paul Shah, the duo had discussed Paul Shah’s experience as he spent time in police custody over alleged rape of a minor. While Paul Shah turned the experience into light humour glorifying his time at custody, host Chhetri was seen laughing uncontrollably. Both Shah and Chhetri were heavily criticised for their reaction to a sensitive issue such as rape. Meanwhile, Kantipur TV deleted the episode from YouTube saying it had violated Kantipur TV’s editorial integrity and policy.

On Thursday, 20th July, 2023, Kantipur TV announced it had permanently cancelled What the Flop TV show. “Respecting women’s dignity and society’s sentiment [awareness], we have decided to permanently cancel What the Flop” the announcement reads.

This is not the first time Sandip Chhetri’s “What the flop” has courted controversy for its inappropriate content. In 2020, his character Mithai Lal Jyadav had appeared on TV donning a blackface (dark makeup) with an accent as an effort to suggest he was a member of the Madhesh community. However, met with fierce backlash, he had to issue a public apology for his gross misrepresentation of the community.