The mortal remains of Jaishankar Sah who was shot dead by the police in Barahathawa, Sarlahi, have been left on the road for over 72 hours.

Despite the passage of three days since the incident on Friday, no resolution has been reached as the state struggles to address the demands of protesting parties and the victim’s family.

The clash that led to Jaishankar’s death erupted during a protest initiated by Mayor Kalpana Katuwal, representing a five-party coalition, including the Nepali Congress. The mayor’s demand for the upgrade of a primary health center in Barahathawa-6, to be handed over to the provincial government, triggered a confrontation with law enforcement.

Despite the formation of a 3-member committee by the Ministry of Home Affairs, led by Joint Secretary Thaneshwor Gautam, to investigate the incident, the situation remains unresolved.

The Ministry of Home Affairs decided to provide Rs 10 lakhs  to Jaishankar’s family. However, discussions between Sarlahi Chief District Officer Komal Prasad Dhamala, security agency representatives, protesting parties, and the victim’s family have failed to yield a resolution.

The family and the agitating party jointly demand the naming and upgrading of the provincial hospital after the deceased, the resignation of Barahathwa’s mayor, suspension of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Ganga Bahadur Thapa, and a judicial inquiry into the incident.