On the occasion of International Labour Day, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has pledged strict implementation of the Contribution-based Social Security Scheme from the upcoming fiscal year.

International Workers’ Day, also called May Day or Labour Day, is celebrated every year on 1 May all over the globe to honor and appreciate the great work done by workers or the labour class. This day is devoted to the working class and promotes awareness of their rights among them to safeguard them against exploitation.

PM Dahal has vouched for a conducive working environment for the people by means of fair remuneration, effective human rights and overall social security.

Meanwhile, PM Dahal informed that the concerned authorities are directed to provide occupational uniforms to all workers for safety as well as to provide them with proper training to operate modern machines and tools.

While pledges are made every year by a new face, the problems faced by people working in ‘modern jobs’, wage disparity between male and female workers, and hardships of migrant workers have always remained.

A Central Bureau of Statistics report shows the disparity between male and female workers in Nepal with women earning 29.45 per cent less than their male counterparts on average, even with the same level of education and experience.

Approximately 5 million Nepali migrant workers, mostly in blue-collar jobs, are largely ignored their rights of minimum wage, basic conditions, and protection.

Initially, Labour Day was formulated mainly to protect factory workers during the early-20th century. However, with the change of time, incorporation of technology and addition of new jobs, there is a serious need to redefine the day to be more relevant to address the current generation’s difficulties.