An organisation called Sanatan Dharmawalambi Sampurna Nepali staged a demonstration in Kathmandu, urging the resignation of Sudan Kiranti, the Minister for Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation.

The protesters voiced that the Minister’s statements were irresponsible and unconstitutional statements and marched through the city on Monday.

Speaking in a programme on Wednesday, Minister Kiranti remarked, “Christians are also a kind of flower among the colorful blooms in this shared garden; without you, there is no beauty in the flower garden.” Referring to the 2078 census, he stated that statistics affirm the presence of 10 religions in Nepal and their equality in the eyes of the state.

“All religious people have settled in Nepal using the rights granted by the constitution,” stated Kiranti. “To deny the existence of Christians is to reject the constitution.” He declared that anyone not adhering to constitutional principles is a traitor, advocating for the handcuffing and imprisonment of such traitors.