A majority of the shops and businesses are closed during the afternoon in Sauraha, Chitwan due to extreme heat.

Owing to the scorching heat, marketplaces, restaurants, and businesses, which otherwise flourish during peak season, are seen empty. Residents and tourists stay indoors and come out only in the morning or in the evenings after the sun’s out.

A heatwave in central Terai is announced as the temperature has exceeded 40 degrees Celsius for the past three consecutive days, informed the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology on Friday.

Likewise, the Meteorological Forecasting Department stated that the temperatures are likely to increase in most parts of Terai over the next few days and advised people to take avoid outdoor activities and take necessary precautions.

Everyday life of the people residing across in the Hilly and Terai regions of Nepal has been affected due to a sharp rise in temperature for the past few days.

Similarly, farmers complain that it has become difficult to work on the farmland due to the excessive heat and shortage of water.