35-year-old Irshad Khan, an Indian citizen, was shot twice at Mayadevi-4, Kapilvastu. Khan has received two gunshot wounds – one in shoulder and one in waist.

Kapilvastu Superintendent of Police, Prem Bahadur Basnet, informed that Khan was taken to Gorakhpur Medical College in India for treatment. The shooter has not been identified.

District Police Office, Kapilvastu has informed that the search for the shooter and further investigation is being carried out in coordination with the Indian Police.

Nepal faces several challenges of cross-border crime, interlinked with organized crime. The open border between Nepal and India makes it easy for criminals to hide in the other nation after committing crimes in one, leading to rise in crimes in the border areas.

Even during election time, two different incidents in border areas were reported in which perpetrators were trying to bring fake ballot papers and election stamps, in order to manipulate voting results.