Kathmandu, August 26

National Examination Board (NEB) has said it will announce grade 12 results by the end of August.

NEB chair Mahashram Sharma said, “Preparations are underway to make the results public as per the plan. The Office of the Controller of Examinations has informed that they have reached the final stage.”

The results will be published according to the letter grading system, 2021. According to the new system, a student needs a minimum of 40 marks in practical exams and a minimum of 35 marks in any theoretical subject to pass.

Students will be graded as A+ (90+), A (80-89), B+ (70-79), B (60-69), C+ (50-59), C (40-49) and D (35-39).
If the marks are less than the specified marks, they will be graded NG (non-graded).

The NEB said that more than 400,000 examinees had appeared in the examination conducted from May 30 to June 8.