Nepal government has reversed its decision to halt issuing no objection certificates (NOC) to students planning to study diplomas, advanced diplomas, or language courses abroad.

After objections from Nepal Educational Consultancy Association (ECAN) and protests from students intending to head abroad for studies, the government decided to amend the guidelines to provide NOC for foreign educational programs after Grade 12.

“Since foreign universities and colleges do not allow graduates to enroll directly and require them to have bridging courses or diplomas, we have amended the guidelines,” said an official at NOC.

With the revision of the guidelines, students will be able to get a NOC for diploma-level and language courses.

However, the updated guidelines stipulate that foreign study permits will be issued only for educational programs in universities and institutes approved by the Nepal government.

Recently, there has been a surge in the number of students heading abroad for studies. According to the NOC Section at the Ministry of Education, a total of 81,573 individuals received approval for studying abroad in the current fiscal year.