Google has decided to skip its traditional April Fools’ Day jokes and pranks, a tradition they used to perform across its platforms, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Google’s first onrush into April Fools’ pranks was in 2000 and has its own reputation for pulling epic April Fools’ stunts since.

During such crisis, Taylor Herring, whose clients include TV channels and international brands, has suggested that attempting to pull off an April Fools’ joke in the midst of a global pandemic is not the best way for any brand to represent themselves.

Furthermore, many countries, including Taiwan and India, have promised jail time for those who spread rumors in order to pull-off April Fools’ Day pranks related to coronavirus.

With coronavirus cases numbering to 859,338 and 42,334 deaths, it could be suggested for everyone to follow Google’s lead on this act as sources for information are dependent upon internet searches. The spread of misinformation about how people can catch and cure COVID-19 are already in wide circulation –  April Fools’ jokes about the same could add fuel to the fire.