Police have arrested Indrajit Rai, a former lawmaker and security adviser to the then Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa, for his involvement in duping people and committing fraud.

Rai, and his group, have allegedly defrauded millions of rupees from hundreds of Nepali people on the pretext of sending them to the United States in the guise of Bhutanese refugees.

Similarly, Rai had also issued fake documents to some Nepali citizens, identifying them as refugees, to help them go abroad.

Police had arrested five people on the same charge: Sandesh Sharma, Keshav Dulal, Sagar Rai, Sanu Bhandari and Kumar Gurung. Dulal was the Secretariat of former Foreign Minister Sujata Koirala.

On the basis of the statements of those five arrestees, Rai was arrested on Tuesday for being the mastermind of the group behind planning and executing the fraudulent activities.

As many as 145 people have filed complaints against the group and it is found that the group had been scamming people for the past five years by promising to send them abroad as refugees.