Nepal Police have arrested five miscreants for their alleged involvement in snatching gold chains from several places of Kathmandu. Nepal Police have recorded eight such incidents, mostly from women who were out on morning walks in the past three weeks. The perpetrators would approach people on a motorbike, snatch the chain and flee the scene.

The five arrested have been made public by Nepal Police, and have been identified as Rabin Damai, Umesh Chettri, Rahul Majhi and Shrikanta Majhi. They were arrested from several areas of Kathmandu following an  extensive investigation by Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, Minbhawan. Police also seized 2 motorcycles, 6 mobile phones, gold necklaces (47 grams) and gold (11.2 grams).

They have been transferred to District Police Range Kathmandu for further investigation and due procedure.