Nepal’s literacy rate has increased by 10% in the last decade and has reached 76.3% in 2021.

According to the National Census 2021 report published by the Central Bureau of Statistics on Friday, the literacy rate among males is 83.6% and that of females is 69.4%

However, among the people included in the literate category, only 19.5% of them have completed higher levels than SLC (School Leaving Certificate). The highest number of people (28.7%) have passed the primary level (class 1 to 5); 19.9% have passed the lower secondary level (class 6 to 8) and 9.5% have completed SLC.

Among 26,675,975 people aged 5 years and above, 20,341,623 people know how to read and write.

Similarly, the report also shows that more than 2,190,000 Nepali have been living abroad.

The final data of the 12th national census, conducted on November 2021, informs that the total population of Nepal is 29,164,578.