Dr. Govinda KC, who has been staging his 19th hunger strike, is being transferred to Kathmandu amidst deteriorating health. He will be brought to Kathmandu via a Buddha Air flight from Nepalgunj on Tuesday afternoon.

Dr. KC, a senior orthopedic surgeon and a social activist has staged several hunger strikes in the past demanding reforms in the medical education sector. He has staged 18 hunger strikes till date, the longest one lasting for 24 days.

He had begun his 19th hunger strike from Jumla on 15th September. On Monday, he had been brought to Nepalgunj because the hospital in Jumla wasn’t equipped with the facilities to extend him support – an irony in the case as he has been championing for medical facilities and medical facilities in rural Nepal, especially Jumla.

Meanwhile, activisits have been staging protests in Kathmandu expressing their solidarity with Dr. KC. On Monday, several youths gathered in Maitighar Mandala to express their solidarity.