The government has allowed domestic airlines to fly with 100 percent occupancy. The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has written to all domestic airline companies informing that regular domestic flights can be resumed from Monday without mentioning the number of passengers allowed, meaning there’s not limitation.

According to the Tourism Ministry’s guidelines for airlines, physical distancing among passengers and implementation of safety precautions should be ensured.

Earlier, domestic airline companies had refused to resume regular services stating that they would not be able to fly in compliance of the government’s directive to carry only 50 per cent passengers.

Meanwhile, only 25 percent of the total number of domestic flights will be allowed to operate at all national airports from September 21 to September 30.

From October 1, additional number of flights will be approved on the basis of passenger traffic and the airlines’ demand, the ministry said.

Though the government had earlier allowed domestic airlines to increase their fares by upto 50 percent to make up for the loss of carrying only 50 percent passengers, airlines have said they will not increase the fare.

Airline companies had demanded that they would operate with full occupancy sans the rise in fare instead of carrying only half the passengers.

Passengers will now have to fill out and sign a health declaration form while obtaining their boarding pass for domestic air travel. All passengers will have to wear a mask during the journey.