District Administration Office Parsa has issued a curfew order in some areas of Birgunj Metropolitan City, effective from 5 PM today.

The curfew comes in response to recent tensions stemming from a demonstration held in Birgunj, concerning a dispute in Motipur of Ishanath Municipality, Rautahat.

The controversy emerged when the procession route for the Saraswati idol was disrupted after Puja, leading to clashes and subsequent unrest in Ishanath, which has remained tense for nearly a week.

The situation prompted DAO Parsa to implement a preemptive curfew, covering an indefinite period.

The curfew zone encompasses the area bordering Nagwa Chowk in Bara’s East, Tilawe Bridge in the West, Parwanipur in the North, and Miteri Bridge (customs) in the South.