Cruise ship in the Narayani River is estimated to be successfully operating from March since the construction of the cruise ship has reached its final phase in Bharatpur Municipality-16. The shipbuilding started in Bharatpur as soon as the government decided to register the water ship industry.

The cruise is built by Indian company, Granddur Marin International with two engines on the cruise. The cruise speed will be 35 kilometers per hour. The cruise construction began last year. It is estimated that around Rs. 150 million has been spent on construction of the cruise.

According to Ram Chandra Kandel, managing director of the Rhino Water Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., which is constructing the cruise ship, there was delay in the work due to registration procedure.

He also informed that online booking can be done within coming ten days. Online bookings will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on cruise ship.

“Within the ship, tourists can enjoy the singer’s song and there is a restaurant bar as well. There are 90 chairs on the ground floor, 110 in the middle and 20 on the roof,” said Kandel. “There are sitting arrangements on the outer area of middle floor too.” he added.

The cruise breakfast will include two hours trip whereas lunch and dinner will include three hours trip. The ride will start from Kavreghat will return to Golghat, passing through Devghat. This type of cruise is the first to be operated commercially in Nepal.

He said the cruise was being constructed and tested with special caution, keeping safety and security of servicemen and customer in priority with environmental conservation. The three crew members and technicians required to operate the cruise ship are currently foreigners.