Coronavirus testing has been stopped at the laboratory of Narayani Hospital in Birgunj for the past four days after the reagent purchased by the Nepal Army did not match the machines at the laboratory, making available kits useless.

As the reagent sent by the Ministry of Health and Population was not working, the lab had to be closed, Chief of the laboratory at the Hospital, Dr Nira Pathak informed.

About 1,200 swabs collected in two days after the lab closed have been sent to the National Public Health Laboratory, Teku, for PCR testing.

According to Dr Pathak, the Ministry of Health has sent reagents of 1 ml of Viral Transport Media (VTM).
The Nepal Army had bought the reagents from Sunsyor Biotic Company and had sent them to laboratories across the country.

The lab at Narayani Hospital is currently collecting swabs in 3 ml VTM.

Ministry of Health, Department of Health Services, National Public Health Laboratory and other stakeholders have been informed in writing about the mismatch.

Also, an ambulance has been sent to Kathmandu to collect reagents that are compatible with the laboratory at the Sukraraj Tropical Hospital.