A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court, alleging that Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balendra (Balen) Shah is guilty of contempt of court.

Recently, Mayor Shah openly criticized the Patan High Court for issuing an interim order to continue the screening of Indian movies in Nepali theaters. However, KMC Mayor Shah publicly declared his refusal to abide by the High Court’s order.

Mayor Shah took to Facebook to express his intent to continue preventing the screening of Indian films, even if it means facing consequences. Furthermore, he accused both the court and the Government of Nepal of being subservient to India.

Advocate Barsha Kumari Jha submitted the petition, calling for appropriate action to be taken against Mayor Shah for his alleged contemptuous behavior.

A single bench of Justice Prakash Kumar Dhungana will hear the petition and assess whether it merits further proceedings as a formal case.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City had imposed a ban on Indian films, citing the inclusion of a controversial dialogue in the Indian film “Adipurush” where Janaki is identified as an ‘Indian daughter’.

Meanwhile, cinema halls across Kathmandu have resumed screening Hindi films, except ‘Adipurush’, from Friday.