The Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police has received authorization from the Kathmandu District Court to arrest 20 individuals implicated in a case of land embezzlement linked to the Nepal Children’s Organization in Naxal, Kathmandu.

Among those are former officials of the children’s organization and members of business houses operating private schools on the organization’s land. The controversy surrounds the leasing of 28 ropani 5 annas 1 paisa land belonging to the Bal Mandir for the benefit of orphaned and other vulnerable children in Naxal.

The investigation has revealed a complex web of agreements dating back to 2049, involving the leasing of portions of the organization’s land to Brihaspati School, subsequently sub-leased to Rai School, both majority-owned by the Vishal Group. The legality of these agreements has been called into question, prompting the recent legal action.

The warrant includes Rita Singh, the former president of Nepal Children’s Organisation, Tulsi Narayan Shrestha, the ex-vice president, and Shri Ganesh Bhakta Shrestha, the former General Secretary of the Nepal Children’s Organization. Also listed are Suman Shakya, the former Deputy General Secretary, Krishna Shankar Sah, former member of Nepal Children’s Organisation and convener of the resource and operational sub-committee.

Furthermore, individuals such as Shyam Kumar Aale, the General Secretary of the ruling Nepal Children’s Organization, and Suwas Kumar Pokharel, the General Secretary of the empowered Nepal Children Organization, are mentioned. Additionally, Manohar Gopal Shrestha, the former treasurer, and Prachandaraj Pradhan, the former General Secretary of the Nepal Children’s Organization, are included.

From the Brihaspati School Chiranjeevi Tiwari, the former Chairman of Brihaspati School, along with Pravin Raj Joshi, Murari Nidhi Tiwari, and Purushottam Raj Joshi, are listed as well. Also mentioned are Shraddha Sanghai, Abhinav Singhania, Siddharth Kedia, and Kirti Prasad Pandey, directors of Brihaspati School.

The investigation has unearthed a series of agreements, including a memorandum of understanding signed in 2072, allegedly without proper representation from the children’s organization.
In 2021 BS, after acquiring ‘Sita Bhawan’ located in Naxal, the government took over 119 ropani 12 annas 3 paisa land in the name of Nepal Child Organization.