The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has filed a case in the Special Court against the Tandwada Chhada irrigation project, located in Soru Rural Municipality-9, Mugu, including the former head of the District Technical Office, Devi Prasad Acharya.

According to the CIAA, the investigation uncovered significant irregularities in the project, involving illicit gains and financial losses.

Devi Prasad Pandey, along with Log Bahadur Shahi, Chairman of the Tandwada Irrigation Project Consumer Committee, and committee members Baidehi Shahi and Ratna Rapa Shahi, have been accused of engaging in malpractices related to the project.

Furthermore, Prakash Budthapa, a social administrator coordinator appointed through a consultancy organization for the community irrigation project, also faces allegations of corruption.

In addition to these individuals, the former Ward Chairman of Soru-9, Parunath Yogi, has been implicated in the case on charges of corruption.

Narahari Ghimire, the CIAA spokesperson, stated that the allegations indicate a systematic abuse of power and misuse of resources intended for essential public projects.

The CIAA has filed a claim for compensation amounting to Rs 2.68 million against Devi Prasad Pandey.