A corruption case has been registered at the special court against the former Chief Administrative Officer, and eight other officials, of Bhimdutta Municipality, Kanchanpur.

On Thursday, the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) filed a case against them for their alleged involvement in causing financial loss to the government while soliciting bids for the extraction of river-based materials (stone, pebbles, sand and gravel) in the previous fiscal year.

The anti-graft body registered the case against former CAO Puskar Prasad Bhatta, Er. Himalaya Singh Aaire, accountant Govinda Raj Upadhyay, officer Subash Adhikari, and others. They had worked to create unlawful benefits for the contractors, as stated in the charge sheet.

The accused misappropriated government revenue of NRs 5.43 crores while signing the contract with Shree Bhawani Construction Pvt. Ltd., Kanchanpur regarding the collection of revenue on extracted materials.

The CIAA has demanded all be imprisoned for a term of eight to ten years, under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 2002.