A man named Dinesh Khadka from Kailali district, currently residing in Chabahil, has been discovered to have been involved in illegal transactions worth Rs 640 million through the online betting platform ‘1xbet’.

He was operating an illegal betting racket by opening a total of 63 bank accounts in the names of different individuals to manage the betting amount.

Four other individuals involved as betting agents have also been arrested for their participation in the scheme, and an investigation into the case is ongoing.

The suspects were found with several incriminating pieces of evidence, including laptops, mobiles, and SIM cards, all of which were seized on Wednesday.

Police confiscated Rs 3.7 million from the possession of Ashish Lamichhane, one of the arrested individuals, who is also a part of this illegal activity.

Meanwhile, in another incident, Nepal Police arrested eight people, including actor Marichman Shrestha, also known as ‘Balchhi Dhurve’, on the charge of advertising and promoting online betting platforms.

Police informed that the arrested individuals promoted illegal online betting through their YouTube channel by offering promo codes to avail of a discount on ‘1xbet’ app.