The decision to utilize the Gongabu-based New Buspark as the exclusive terminal and ticket counter for long-route passenger vehicles leaving the Kathmandu Valley has come into implementation from June 16.

As an implementation of the same decision, Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC), on Friday, removed the ticket counters operating in the ring road area.

The decision was made after an all-party meeting at the Kathmandu metropolis and it had issued notices directing all ticket counters outside the New Bus Park to close by June 16 and make use of it as the only terminal for long-route vehicles.

According to the notice, long-route (more than 250 km), medium-route (100 to 250 km), and short-route vehicles (25 to 100 km) departing from the Kathmandu Valley must now depart exclusively from the New Buspark.

While some public transport operators have responded positively to the decision, others have expressed reservations. Deknath Gautam, the general secretary at the Federation of Nepalis National Transport Entrepreneurs (FNNTE), stated, “The step will definitely help reduce crowding and hassle in other parts of the city. However, restricting people from boarding a vehicle from their nearby location along the main route and forcing them to reach the New Bus Park to buy a ticket would affect the passengers.”

Questions have been raised about whether passengers will have to reach the bus park even if the vehicle is coming via the same route and is kilometers away. The authorities have not provided a clear answer regarding whether vehicles will be allowed to pick up and drop off passengers from specific stops outside the New Buspark.