The Department of Livestock Services (DoLS) has confirmed the presence of African swine fever in several districts across Nepal.

According to reports from the DoLS, cases have been identified in Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Tanahun, Lamjung and Kaski.

The disease, which affects pigs, boars, and wild boars, has already resulted in the deaths of pigs and boars raised by farmers in Tanahun.

The DoLS stated that surveillance, monitoring, and awareness programs are underway, alongside the implementation of biosecurity measures and quarantine protocols both at borders and internally.

Since its initial detection in Nepal on May 16, 2022, the disease has spread to various locations, affecting a total of 28 districts within two years. The DoLS reported a death toll of 70,000 boars and pigs due to infection.

This disease does not transmit from animals to humans.

Currently, there is no effective treatment available for this contagious disease.