Approximately 700 police personnel have been mobilized to quell escalating tensions following clashes between two communities in Ishnath Municipality, Rautahat district.

The conflict erupted during the desecration of idols on the day following Saraswati Puja.

The situation escalated rapidly after a dispute arose between two groups during the immersion of an idol of goddess Saraswati at a nearby lake. Locals from the Ghiura settlement, participating in the religious ritual, were obstructed by another group for allegedly playing loud music. Consequently, the ritual was abandoned, and tensions simmered throughout the night.

Efforts to resolve the dispute were made early the next day, with talks coordinated by the local unit. An agreement was reached to resume the ritual and maintain communal harmony.

However, the situation deteriorated when some members of the crowd protested against the decision by pelting stones, leading to further clashes.

Chief District Officer Hiralal Regmi imposed a curfew order effective from 5 PM on Saturday until further notice after clashes between the two groups turned violent.